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Casino Days - Live Lotto

From the Chinese Han Dynasty keno slips between 205 BC and 187 BC to modern-day government-led mega jackpots - the lottery has forever been a source of entertainment to all and sundry.

The advent of online gaming, though, changed lotto betting for good! The massive odds remain, but there is no shortage of ways in which you can bet.

At Casino Days, we recognise the popularity of live lotto casino betting, which is why we have a full suite of live lotto betting opportunities.

But what are the different sorts of lotto bets you can make? How many types of lotto games are there? What is the most you can win from live lotto? We'll delve into those questions and more below!

Live Lotto Betting: How Does It Work?

The premise of each lotto game is straight forward. You pick your preferable digits - some go for birth dates, others go for favourite football player shirt numbers - and if enough of them roll out of a random number generator, you win a prize, depending on the odds and the game.

Lotto games can vary in type, though. Some offer you the chance to bet on each of the lotto balls, while others allow you to pick bingo-style tickets that come with big multipliers. You can also bet the number of the first ball to be drawn, whether it will be odd or even, and the sum of the first five balls added together.

Make sure you check the rules of each game before playing.

What Are The Most Popular Live Lotto Games?

Mega Ball

Casino Days have a partnership with Evolution Gaming - the premier provider of all live table games. It is known for its innovative takes on classics and even inventing new game concepts - one example being their live lotto game Mega Ball.

Those winning tickets will also benefit from a guaranteed multiplier, worth up to 100x the win. Mega Ball has an eye-boggling potential of 1,000,000x the stake, making it one of the most popular and regularly-played live lotto betting games in the world.

Make sure you check the rules of each game before playing.

Mega Ball


One of the oldest forms of lotto betting, Keno has its roots in Han Dynasty China.

To play is easy. Select up to 20 numbers from 80 available. A draw then ensues in which a random number generator pulls 20 balls. You are paid out according to the number of matching balls and corresponding odds.

Matching 20 balls out of 20 picks is virtually impossible, thanks to astronomical odds of 1 in 3,535,316,142,212,174,320.000. However, you can still win substantial amounts forlanding fewer numbers.


Bet On Numbers Live

A twist on the traditional lotto, Bet On Numbers Live is a format whereby you can place a wager on the outcome of the balls drawn that doesn't solely rely on whether they match your favourite digits.

Highly trained live dealers draw six balls from a studio - you can back 36 different combinations, ranging from the total sum of the balls drawn to the variations of colours.

You can place bets on multiple tickets and draws take place every five minutes or so.

Mega Ball

How Does Live Lotto Differ From National And International Lotteries?

Lotto betting tends to be associated with national and international draws such as the Irish Lotto and EuroMillions. These types of lotto draws happen a lot less frequently than live lotto betting. For example, the Irish Lotto takes place twice a week - every Wednesday and every Saturday.

Live lotto betting is a more rapid-fire game - games take place every 60 seconds or so. That's not the only difference - live lotto betting tends to be more immersive, thanks to high-grade graphics and efficient gameplay. Live presenters are at hand to help guide you through your betting experience and address any questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Volatile Is Live Lotto Betting?

Extremely - lotteries are the most volatile forms of betting. Some winning tickets can return millions from small stakes. It is, though, much more challenging for the player to win big!

Is Live Lotto Betting Safe?

All live lotto betting games at any online casino must meet stringent guidelines by regulators - the principal goal of these guidelines designed to keep players safe.

Where Can I Find Live Lotto Betting Game Rules?

All game rules are featured in each game client. If you're still struggling to understand the gameplay, you can contact live lotto presenters via a live chat.

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